I want to embrace my beloved wife, but wilted in a good place. The more impatient it is, the more my wife is depressed as my cause. I thought I asked my wife what I wanted to do once. That is what the seniors who divorced a long time ago said. My seniors broke up because of his wife's cheating, but when I saw the evidence of cheating and got confused, it was when my wife told me what to do, it was when I was told 愛する妻を抱きたいが、いい所で萎えてしまう。焦れば焦るほど、妻は自分の所為だと落ち込んでゆく。思いあぐねた私は一度してみたかった事を妻にお願いする事にした。それは、昔離婚した先輩が言っていた事。先輩は奥さんの浮気で別れたのだが、浮気の証拠映像を見てしまって、混乱してしまって、お前自分の妻がこうなったらどうすると、言われた時だった。その時は何も言えなかった