Ultra Fat belly game fourth bullet that raises the prize money digit to 10,000, 100,000, 1 million every time it fires! An amateur girl just kills an acquaintance male and knocks down a vampire glans headed! This time I expanded the scope of Nampa and business trips from various places in Tokyo to the sea! At first it is a shameful amateur girls, but with the launch in front of me, it is a baby change! Aim for further prize UP, abandon shame and reason and make it out for nature! 発射するごとに賞金額の桁が1万、10万、100万とあがる超太っ腹ゲーム第4弾!素人娘が知人男性の発射したばかりでビンカンな亀頭をシゴキ倒す!今回はナンパの範囲を広げて都内各所から海へも出張!最初は恥らう素人娘たちだが、発射を目の前にして豹変!更なる賞金UP目指して、恥も理性も捨てて本性丸出しに!