A beautiful white skin like crystal clear, a pure nipple without dirt, a pure heart that does not know doubting people, a curious heart for H who is embarrassed and can not talk to people, finding something in Japan finally found a miracle Materials, amazing amateurs! She said "I want to be a cunniling ..." with the face turned red. Ultra sensitive wetness wet ● Beating licking, living ● Pointing on 透き通るような美しい白い肌、穢れなきピンク色の乳首、人を疑うことを知らない純粋な心、恥ずかしくて人には言えないHへの好奇心、日本各地を探しに探してついに見つけた奇跡の逸材、驚くほどの素人!「クンニをされたいです…」と顔を真っ赤にして語る彼女。超敏感な濡れ濡れま●こを舐めまわし、生ち●ぽをぶっ挿す!