A rugged big tits body trained with high school era club activities, and a beautiful girl whose inside is too pure, Makoto Shiraishi. It is my first experience to challenge as the 2nd work this time, dyed my cheeks in red, and it is my first experience of being cynically embarrassed while crying. Astonished by the huge cock, the body was covered with lotion and sex at the same time with two men. It is a picture filled with youth and eros that touches a new sex and really knows 'Iku'.

高校時代部活動で鍛えたたくましい巨乳ボディ、そして内面はあまりにもピュアすぎる美少女、白石真琴。今回第2弾作品として挑むのは頬を真っ赤に染 め上げ、恥じらい照れながらも絶頂してしまう初体験4本番です。巨大チンポに驚愕し、身体をローションまみれにされ、2人の男と同時にセックス。新たな性 に触れ、本当に‘イク’ということを知ることになる若さとエロスが詰まった映像です。