Five married women who applied for AV for various reasons such as sex with satisfaction with sex with husband, like sex. We deliver that married woman to an ordinary male (AV maker who did a pretty thing), planning to get rid of squid and eliminate desire! I was shy in front of the camera but exposed the skin, screaming many times with an actor's serious tech and sprinkling for 240 minutes! 旦那とのセックスでは満足できない、セックスでイッてみたいなど様々な理由でAVに応募してきた5名の人妻たち。その人妻たちを一般男性(のフリをしたAV男優)の元へお届けし、イカせまくって欲求解消して頂こうという企画!カメラの前で恥ずかしがりながらも肌を露出し、男優の本気テクで何度も絶叫しイキまくる240分!