A married woman, Reina, who works at a certain insurance company. A second visit today to have a contract signed on the way I went. Your husband has debts, it seems to be pretty good at the moment. Hayate It is hard not to make a contract without a novel idea in this recession. And the action taken by Mr. Reina ... It becomes the customer's compliance and it opens up the body himself. Mr. Reen who feels ripped off by a man violently but felt guilty, a man who thought about tasting the body of Reina subject to a contract contractlessly entered into the body .... Well, will it lead to a contract  とある保険会社にて働いている人妻・麗奈さん。出かけた先で契約を結んでもらうために今日二度目の訪問。ご主人に借金があり、今はかなり切羽詰ってるみたいだ。はやりこの不景気の中斬新のアイディアがないとなかなか契約に結びつかないもんだ。そして麗奈さんが取った行動とは…顧客の言いなりとなり自らカラダを開いてしまう。嫌々ながらも激しく男に責め立てられ感じてしまう麗奈さん、契約を条件に麗奈さんの肉体を味わおうと考えた男は容赦なくカラダの中へ進入してきた…。さて契約に結びつくのでしょうか・・・