Madonna 15 anniversary work of MILF Housewife No.1, celebration of the 4th in jeans beauty MILF! ! Four beautiful wife to work in the Planning Office of Mrs. specialty apparel brand. Their selling products, doing wear brilliant jeans with some nice stretch (stretch), stressed the long legs, Nice Ass with a pungent and tension, such as bends, sometimes model and will, show the transformation pose in the very M cameraman, While sometimes obscene negotiations and nasty newcomer education, aim for presentation of "new jeans" at the exhibition! ! 人妻・熟女No.1のマドンナ15周年記念作、第4弾はジーパン美熟女の祭典!!ミセス専門アパレルブランドの企画室で働く4人の美人妻。自社の売れ筋商品、ストレッチ(伸縮)の利いたジーパンを華麗に穿きこなし、しなるような長い美脚、ツンと張りのある美尻を強調し、時にはモデルとなり、どMカメラマンに変態ポーズを見せ、時には卑猥な商談や淫乱な新人教育をしながら、展示会での「新作ジーパン」の発表を目指す!!