Because the noise of the neighbor is noisy, two people went directly to complain about it with my wife. It was DQN that pushed the interphone and came out. It was a den of DQN. I thought intuitively that it would be better to turn back at once, but my wife who dislikes curving complains to the DQN partner without being afraid. As a result, although Ichamon is attached to the DQN that was reversed, it is already really humiliated, but we and our husband and wife are all naked and will be let down. 隣人の騒音がうるさいので妻と2人で直接苦情を言いに行った。インターホンを押して出てきたのはDQNだった。そこはDQNの巣窟だった。すぐに引き返した方が良いと直感的に思ったが、曲がったことが嫌いな妻は怖気付かずにDQN相手に文句を言う。結果、逆上したDQNにイチャモンをつけられて、もう本当に屈辱なのだが、僕たち夫婦はそろって全裸で土下座させられてしまう……。