Yuika attending a science university is a female college student who only studies. Cozy companions who found themselves after entering the circle of literature study group. I wish I could have kept such a date all the time ... Yuika who was suffering in life, studying with the compatibility of the bite. In this way I will be threatened by the professor and will accept vaginal cum shot if I can not give credits. Yuika pasted with Yariman's label goblins with demons inside the faculty within the circle! Regardless of the dangerous day, a total of 20 shots cum out in hell! It is!

理系大学に通うユイカは勉強だけが取り柄の女子大生。文学研究会のサークルに入ってやっと見つけた居心地のいい仲間達。こんな日がずっと続けばよかったの に…生活の苦しかったユイカは、バイトの両立で勉強がおざなりに。このままでは単位をあげられないと教授に脅され中出しを受け入れてしまう。ヤリマンの レッテルを貼られたユイカはサークル内で学部内で鬼畜輪姦!危険日にも関わらず、計20発射連続中出し地獄!!