Maid 'Tachibana Koharu', a lovely atmosphere like a kitty. Kagechi who is seriously deceived will try hard to raise her master hard, but I will not be able to wake up asleep easily. If it is time to do it, it's your best! So, Koharu sucking to your husband's cock. It seems that the fool of my master seems to have completely woken up. W I accepted semen that jumped out in a firm mouth. Your master must have been satisfied with this! I thought, my husband who has completely lost a fire, I brought it to Koharu who is cleaning and I put it out in the end after all! Well, I want a maid like this too! 子猫のように愛らしい雰囲気のメイド「橘小春」ちゃん。けなげで真面目な小春ちゃんはご主人様を一生懸命に起こしてあげようと頑張りますが、なかなか眠りから覚めません。こうなったら奥の手!ということで、ご主人様のイチモツにしゃぶりつく小春ちゃん。ペロペロ、ジュボジュボ、ご主人様の愚息はすっかり目が覚めたみたいですwドビュっと飛び出したザーメンをしっかりお口で受け止めてあげました。これならご主人様もきっと満足したに違いない!と思いきや、すっかり火がついてしまったご主人様、掃除中の小春ちゃんにちょっかい出して、結局ガッツリ中に出しちゃいました!うーん、ボクもこんなメイドが欲しいなぁ!