One night in the middle of the night, when I thought that my super serious sister was drunk and came back, I came to my room and made a lot of lower news items! Take off your clothes and see your underwear! Erotic runaway to put on tits or take off pants or vulgar! I have no choice but to sleep in my bed ... I have no memory when I wake up in the morning! why! ? naked! ? My sister who is embarrassed and mogimodi is fiercely kawa, and I am erected even though I am not sure! And as it is I noticed that I had my erection and got sex with my excited sister ...!] ある日の夜中、ボクの超真面目な姉が酔っ払って帰って来たと思ったらボクの部屋へ来て下ネタ連発!服を脱いで下着丸見え!おっぱいを当ててきたりズボンを脱がしたり下品にエロ暴走!仕方なくボクのベッドで寝かせて…朝目覚めると完全に記憶がない様子!なんで!?裸!?とモジモジして恥ずかしがっている姉が激カワで、ボクは不覚にも勃起!そしてそのままボクの勃起に気付いて興奮している姉とセックスしてしまいました…!