Sawamura Reiko who is P · A chairman of the Private Judo Well School. I know the fact that my son was blackmailed by student council members and tried to dispose of them, but they knew about their own infidelity acts and they were threatened and threatened by them. Reiko's body which is not sexually satisfied was going to fall down without the technique of escalating their outrageous gangsters ... ... 私立慈救井学園のP●A会長を務める澤村レイコ。息子が生徒会メンバーから恐喝され金品を取られていた事実を知り彼らを処分しようとするが、逆に自身の不貞行為を知られ彼らに脅迫され犯されてしまう。性的に満たされないレイコの肉体は、エスカレートする彼らの非道な輪姦行為に成す術もなく堕とされていくのだった…。