A woman who we met today is a neat and beautiful sister! Long black hair! Glamorous body! Tender smile! And her profession is ... it seems to be a school teacher! ♪ ~ ♪ I get excited from before you shoot ♪ Moreover, on this day, I bother to take a day off and came to the shoot ♪ Of course it is a secret to the school ♪ By the way the motive is to meet at work " There was nothing, even if I went to marriage, I could not apply a voice, I was scared and I wanted to etch! " Apparently sexual desire could not be suppressed and it seems that it came out to AV! I'm deafening! ! So today's fashion is more exposed 本日待ち合わせした女性は清楚でキレイなお姉さま!ロングの黒髪!グラマラスなボディ!優しげな笑顔!そして彼女の職業は…学校の先生だそうですよ!ね~♪なんだか撮影前から興奮しちゃいますよね♪しかもこの日は、わざわざ休みを取って撮影へ来てくれたのですよ♪もちろん学校には内緒でね♪ちなみに出演動機は「職場では出会いが無くて、婚活に行っても声も掛けられなくて、ムラムラしちゃってエッチしたくて来ちゃいました!」とのこと!どうやら性欲が抑えきれずにAVに出ちゃったみたいですね!ぶっ飛んでますね!!だから今日のファッションは露出多めなんですね