no one is "boyfriend, interested in AV, Nowak also money if appearances! "And feel free to and came was your sister to amateur TV of the shoot! Fashion sense to the wine color of knit calm and black flared skirt. Sharp facial features to Long Hair of flaxen. Body line is supple slender. In addition to this appearance, putting on airs not calm atmosphere. Exactly do we place such as adult women. She recently, long going out to have a boyfriend and farewell, things to have been sent extraneous life sex until today. Furthermore, probably because the root is a serious personality, nor even once that had a Saffle and also related that the affair until now. 'S a serious woman to get the "do". Whether such she is why, with the interest to the AV of the world. It is, because I got addicted to adult work elaborate production in the drama tailoring. "Muscle of the story also have been built firmly content ... than see an ordinary drama, I'm still here is like kana ♪" and, its addictive sore is real are. Also she was part-time job in a bookstore, I will go I am satisfied that listen to this story. It is the way, but her sensitivity is very good! Good reaction leaking the voice as "Nfufu ♪" in only a little touched. This is I Will not it has accumulated too ... pretty libido. Very sister of calm atmosphere in serious is, when you see adult sex appeal charm in the first take ... this, I might become addicted to her charm. 『彼氏が居らず、AVに興味があり、出演すればお金も貰える!』と気軽にシロウトTVの撮影へとやって来たお姉さま!ワインカラーのニットに黒のフレアスカートと落ち着いたファッションセンス。亜麻色のロングヘアにシャープな顔立ち。ボディラインはスレンダーで靭やか。この見た目に加えて、気取らず落ち着いた雰囲気。まさに大人の女性といったところでしょうか。彼女は最近、長く付き合ってきた彼氏と別れ、本日までセックスとは無縁の生活を送っていたとのこと。さらに、根がマジメな性格なためか、今までに不倫をしたこともセフレと関係を持ったことも一度もない。「ド」がつくマジメな女性なのです。そんな彼女がなぜ、AVの世界へ興味を持ったのか。それは、ドラマ仕立てで演出に凝ったアダルト作品にハマってしまったから。「話の筋も内容もしっかり作り込まれていて…普通のドラマを見るよりも、私はやっぱりこっちが好きかな♪」と、そのハマりっぷりは本物なのです。彼女が本屋でアルバイトしているのも、この話を聞くと納得がいきますね。ちなみにですが、彼女の感度はとっても良好!ちょっと触れただけで「んふふ♪」と声を漏らしてイイ反応。これは性欲も…結構溜まってるんじゃないでしょうかね。とってもマジメで落ち着いた雰囲気のお姉さんが、初撮りで魅せる大人の色気…これを見たら、彼