Shimada who suffers from severe sexual intercourse with his husband, "Ever since there was a night's work like everyday .... I was filled with my husband?" It is said that it is the day that it becomes the situation where adult goods are handed over by this on behalf of the master recently, and it is every day to accumulate frustration. And sex-loving wife seems to have met a pretty dark woman who would love me "Do not you comfort me" (laugh) 「以前は毎日のように夜の営みがあったに…。私は主人に満たされてしまったのでしょうか?」とご主人とのセックスが激しくしたことに悩む嶋田さん。最近はご主人様代わりにこれでアダルトグッズを手渡される状況になり、欲求不満を溜め込む毎日だという。そして、セックス好きの奥様は私たちに対しても「慰めてくれないですか?」と愛しく思うことになるかなり濃い女性に出逢ってしまったようです(笑)