My mother-in-law, Maki, who has lost her husband for three years and now lives with her daughter-in-law and her loneliness has diminished. One day, when I know that my daughter-in-law, Goto, is a big deal from a strange thing .... Maki who has not been in contact with a man for a long time is to invite the full use of its ripe body whenever there is estrus in his meat stick. Tsuyoshi who was sexless with his wife can not suppress the excitement to her positive sex appeal, and finally pokes that big cock ○ port into the vagina back of Maki .... 夫を亡くして3年、娘夫婦と同居するようになって独り身の寂しさも薄れてきた義母・真希。ある日、ひょんな事から娘婿・剛がデカチ○ポだと知ってしまうと…。久しく男と触れ合ってなかった真希は彼の肉棒に発情して事あるごとにその熟れた肉体を駆使して誘うのだった。妻とセックスレスだった剛も彼女の積極的なセックスアピールに興奮を抑えきれず、とうとうそのデカチ○ポを真希の膣奥へと突っ込んで…。