My recently made boyfriend and loveable childhood friend did not have the courage to put Chi Po in the back of my throat so I asked him to practice blowjob! My head seems to get drowsy when trying to insert Chi-Po into the back of the throat ... A childhood friend with Chi Po in the throat is tearfully floating in the eyes and " This is a super-erogenous zone with a throat back! What? Even if I stop it, her childhood friend becomes more chaotic as she wants to put her finger in her mouth and her fingers in her mouth! Even if I shoot it for many times, I was reluctant to be touched again by the larynx blowjob 最近できた彼氏とラブラブな幼馴染が、チ○ポを喉の奥まで入れる勇気がないからボク相手にフェラの練習をしたいと頼んできた!喉奥までチ○ポを挿れようとすると頭がぼーっとしてくるらしく…喉奥までチ○ポをくわえた幼馴染は目に涙を浮かべて「気持ちイイ!」と豹変!これって喉奥が超性感帯!?止めても幼馴染はアソコにチ○ポ、口には指を入れたがるほど淫乱化!何度発射しても喉奥フェラでまた勃たされヤラれてしまいました