A crime mozuki with plenty of pheromones, in the office called "Kari criminal (deca)", the owner of a great arm who has solved several outstanding incidents with beautiful legs and sexy face pride. Such a day, Mitsuki who invaded the hacker group's hide alone by himself, I was caught by a hacker group again! When Misuki who was losing herself wakes up, in a state where the body is tied up by the rope and can not move! As men interrogate while pressing Melody Moon's body and vibe to make it continuous, the butt is abnormally hiked. When a man watching the state of the ass looks like "Let's go into a toy hole with a toy" Let's put a toy into it, Mizuki screams and cums ascended! The men are delighted at the hemisphere of feeling. Next time insert big cock simultaneously into pussy and ass hole! Miss moon's pant, the face you feel, and the finish cum out are all the best works フェロモンたっぷりの刑事美月、署内では「カリ刑事(デカ)」と呼ばれ、幾つもの未解決事件を自慢の美脚とセクシーフェイスで解決してきた凄腕の持ち主。そんなある日、一人でハッカー集団のアジトに侵入した美月、やはりハッカー集団に捕まってしまったっ!気を失っていた美月が目を覚ますと、ロープで体中を縛られ身動きがとれない状態に!男たちは尋問しながら美月の体に電マやバイブを押し当てて連続イキさせると、お尻が異常にヒクついてます。そのケツの様子を見ていた男が「ケツ穴に玩具ぶち込んでみようか」と玩具をぶりッと差し込むと、美月は悲鳴を上げ絶頂昇天!感じ方の半端なさに男たちは大喜び。次は巨根をオマンコとケツ穴に同時挿入!美月の喘ぎ、感じてる顔、そしてフィニッシュの中出しも全て最高の作品になっておりますっ