With city it is totally different sense of money feeling and responses to trends "Born and raised country girls girls" to take them out to Tokyo and crawl inside! "I am not interested in being stylishly dressed, is not it?" The heart is disturbed by the unusual pureness of girls who do not decorate. Let's move luggage together and move right away! To the hometown of Japan. 都会とは金銭感覚や流行への反応なんかがまったく違う「生まれも育ちも田舎な純朴娘たち」を東京に連れ出してヤリまくりの中出し!「私がオシャレな服着たって誰も興味ないですよ?」飾らない少女達の尋常ではないピュアさに心がかき乱される。荷物をまとめてすぐに引っ越そう! 日本のふるさとへ。