What came to the interview was a girlish-looking girl with brown skin on color hair. Pink nipple on the wheat skin, beautiful milk with good shape and butt at the charming point. Always with no pan, shaved. Initial Experience ... Medium 1 or Small 6. If I do not know the number of experienced people, I will get away. The owner of a slightly distinctive sensation that the cat is too cute to masturbate. 面接にやってきたのは、カラーヘアに褐色肌の軽そうなギャルっぽい娘。小麦肌にピンクの乳首、形の良い美乳とお尻がチャームポイント。いつもノーパンで、パイパン。初体験…中1か小6くらい。経験人数はわからないと、あっけらかん。猫が可愛すぎてオナニーしたりとちょっと独特の感覚の持ち主。フェラは相手の反応見て覚えたそう。エッチなことは勉強熱心ですね